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Renewable Society Based on Electricity

by Understanding Materials Chemistry and Electrochemistry

Environmental issues and climate changes are the most pressing global problems that humanity is facing in 21th century. Renewable society indicates where energy and economic infrastructures are based on clean energies such as solar and wind powers. For our transition from the current fossil fuel-based society to renewable society, it is urgently required to overcome many scientific and technological challenges in electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices such as fuel cell and water electrolyzer. We are also interested in electrochemical system to produce industrially important chemicals (hydrogen peroxide, carbon monoxide, and formic acid).

Efficiency of such energy devices largely depends on the performance of ELECLTROCATALYST, which is thus one of the most important components to realize the future renewable energy society. The SA group (Materials Electrochemistry Group) makes effort to develop ACTIVE and SELECTIVE electrocatalysts on the basis of nanotechnology, material science, and electrochemistry. Our main research strategy is based on understanding of active sites by active-site-controlled synthesis, activity-structure correlation, and in situ spectroscopies.

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