Welcome to the SA group

We are looking for graduate students interested in

materials chemistry, electrochemistry, and clean energies.

Please contact me (youngjinsa@kw.ac.kr)

​재료 및 전기화학 연구실에서는 재료화학, 전기화학,

친환경 에너지에 관심 있는 대학원생을 모집합니다.



Our paper, Designing Highly Active Nanoporous Carbon H2O2 Production Electrocatalysts through Active Site Identification, was accepted for publication in Chem (IF: 22.802).


Our paper, Thermal Transformation of Molecular Ni(2+)–N4 Sites for Enhanced CO2 Electroreduction Activity, was accepted for publication in ACS Catalysis (IF: 12.350).


Juyeon has joined the SA group as master course graduate student. Welcome!


Our paper, Catalyst–Electrolyte Interface Chemistry for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction, was accepted for publication in Chemical Society Reviews (IF: 40.443).