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Welcome to the SA group

We are looking for graduate students interested in

materials chemistry, electrochemistry, and clean energies.

Please contact me (

​광운대학교 재료 및 전기화학 연구실(PI: 사영진)에서는 재료화학, 전기화학,

친환경 에너지에 관심 있는 대학원생을 모집합니다.


Yesol's paper, H2O2 Electrosynthesis Activity and Selectivity of Pd-Te Nanoparticles with Different Surface Composition in Acidic Electrolyte, was accepted for publication in Applied Surface Science (IF: 6.7).


Our paper, Mesoporous Manganese Oxides with High-Valent Mn Species and Disordered Local Structures for Efficient Oxygen Electrocatalysis, was accepted for publication in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (IF: 10.383).


Our paper, Impact of Catalyst Loading of Atomically Dispersed Transition Metal Catalysts on H2O2 Electrosynthesis Selectivity, was accepted for publication in Electrochimica Acta (IF: 7.336).


Our paper, Discriminating Active Sites for the Electrochemical Synthesis of H2O2 by Molecular Functionalisation of Carbon Nanotubes, was accepted for publication in Nanoscale (IF: 8.307).


Yongjin has joined the SA group as a master course graduate student. Welcome!


Our paper, Catalyst Design, Measurement Guidelines, and Device Integration for H2O2 Electrosynthesis from Oxygen Reduction, was accepted for publication in Cell Reports Physical Science (IF: 9.423).


Yesol and Sohee have joined the SA group as master course graduate students. Welcome!

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